Louis Vuitton brings bags of class to Tel Aviv

P. Diddy’s Caviar Will Likely Go Uneaten

We have one of the seven VIP rooms [in the world] because there was such a demand here, Ayelet Dobkin, a publicist for Louis Vuitton said. This store is three times bigger than the first Louis Vuitton store built in Israel. Louis Vuitton Sales Associate Asaf Mizrahi agreed that it was vital to add the exclusivity to the Ramat Aviv store. One of the core values of Louis Vuitton, he said, is rarity. Its why they dont overstock the store, only receiving one or two of each of the bags that they hold in the back. One example of this is the iconic Speedy bag in blue. Displayed in the Icon Room, directly to the left when one enters the store, its part of the pre-fall collection designed by Michael Kors. Dipped in sequins, its a fresh take on the Speedy, which was created in the 30s and was the first handbag sold by Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is combining history and legacy, while adjusting to modern life and fashion, Dobkin said. Its combining two worlds. Legacy is important to the company, as shown by their prominent display of travel luggage in the very front of the store. When Louis Vuitton first started the company in 1854, the only items he made were square trunks, which differed from the average, round boxes that people traveled with in that time period.

Louis Vuitton Raised Most Non-Leather Handbag Prices, HSBC Says

Michael Kors, Gucci, Jimmy Choo & Louboutin Online Flash Sales Source: Sample Sale Sites The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by SampleSaleSites.com and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make n … Louis Vuitton window Source: By Glam De toutes les vitrines parisiennes, celle de la Maison Louis Vuitton sur les Champs-Elysees sont souvent des plus impressionnantes. Leur hauteur permet toutes les folies et je pense que ca fait la joie des personnes qui travaillent sur les concepts. …

Michael Kors, Coach Handbags, Louis Vuitton Online Sample Sales

Would you believe many celebrities still have a problem relating to the masses? In an interview with L.A. Confidential Magazine, artist/actor/entrepreneur Sean “P. Diddy” Combs tries to do just that , saying that “life’s pretty normal” around his home, which is a mansion. “People think, Oh, Diddys probably running around his mansion spooning caviar into his mouth.” I dont even like caviar,” says Combs. Maybe you’re just not trying the right caviar? (Try the Caviar Room, presumably in your gated mansion.

31. Vuittons price increase in Japan, the biggest ever by the brand in the country, was taken to offset the impact of the yens slide on sales, the company said Feb. 20. In addition to protecting margins, the price increases must be seen, in our view, as a means to accelerate LVs repositioning towards more leather, Belge wrote. The decision will probably weigh on the number of items sold, though its the right thing for brand equity longer term. Vuittons 2013 sales may rise 6 percent, excluding currency moves, while volume may decline 2 percent to 3 percent, Belge wrote.


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