Miranda Kerr empties her Louis Vuitton satchel on Instagram

Louis Vuitton opens a zoo made of handbags

Louis Vuitton handbag animals zoo (© Rex Features)

Well, she’s only gone and read our minds by emptying out her designer bag on Instagram. Hurrah! Something tells us those gorgeous nude heels don’t quite fit, but as for all her beauty essentials, they most certainly do. Equipped, of course, with her own natural skincare range KORA Organics, she also packed in two summer bright balms in red and pink keeping her failsafe lip shades close by, we like her style. Eyelash curlers and a powder foundation rounded off the mini makeup haul, to be teamed with Miranda’s fave retro sunnies. Instagram / Miranda Kerr

Louis Vuitton

by Hilary George-Parkin | 4:40 pm, November 12th, 2012 Wait a second is this a Louis Vuitton commercial or the Da Vinci Code?! PHOTOS: Kate Moss Gets Dotty On The Cover Of Jalouse by Jada Wong | 11:19 am, October 26th, 2012 Kate Moss looks like she got caught in a very fashionable tropical storm on the November cover of Jalouse. Dressed in a Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama raincoat, the super (and her perfectly tousled hair) poses in the midst of some artfully placed palm fronds. Frankenstorm Sandy , this is not. Kristen Stewart Debuts Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 On The Red Carpet by Jada Wong | 11:11 am, October 24th, 2012 Its a day of firsts for Kristen Stewart: not only did she make her first red carpet appearance for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Tokyo, but she also did it in fresh-from-the-runway Louis Vuitton . That lucky, lucky girl. PHOTOS: Louis Vuitton Takes Us On A Mad, Mod Escalator Ride by Hilary George-Parkin | 6:03 pm, October 3rd, 2012 Last season, Marc Jacobs piled his models aboard the Louis Vuitton express, a custom-built steam engine that reportedly cost the house $8 million. This year he toned it down a tad, merely installing functional escalators for the LV girls to ride on their way down to the lemon yellow-and-white checked runway. Could Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton Ads Cost Him His Medals?

Sorry Louis Vuitton, China’s No Longer Into You

2 spot. David Sadigh, Founder & CEO of Digital Luxury Group,said Louis Vuittons weak first quarter had a lot to do with China being over-sold the brand. Brands from different segments ranging from Chanel to Coach or Burberry are continuing to grow. The Chinese market is still developing. In order to stay ahead of the game, brands must have the ability to adapt (and) reduce the risk of brand saturation. In the case of Louis Vuitton, LVMH has already shifted gears, putting the brakes on its global expansion, while raising prices and developing more leather upmarket products, he said. This years China World Luxury Index shows Chinese consumer interest in the luxury fashion segment is mostly fixated on 10 global brands.

Miranda Kerr celebrity sunglasses

And we also like handbags. A LOT. So imagine the yelp of excitement that sprang from our Louis Vuitton Bags lips when we heard that Louis Vuitton had created an entire zoo out of their designer arm candy. The luxury label created the special zoo to celebrate the opening of their new flagship store in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The pop-up zoofeatures 23 animals, all of which were created using handbags and other small leather goodsbearing the brands distinctive check and LV monogram.


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