Julie de Libran: Louis Vuitton’s secret weapon

Louis Vuitton to buy croc skins

The inspiration for the collection, she says, was Francois Truffaut’s 1968 film The Bride Wore Black . ‘I didn’t watch the film again – it’s more important to work from memory than to be literal,’ she says. ‘So in the collection, there’s a veil of black over everything, and that softens the colour and creates a moodier feeling.’ Looks from Louis Vuitton’s 2013 pre-fall collection There’s also a proliferation of bows at collars, pompoms on shoes and jewel-encrusted heels. ‘Attention to detail is everything. Whether it’s a button or a silhouette. Even the inside of our clothes is as important as the outside – you might find a men’s striped lining inside a jacket sleeve. It’s so elegant and playful.’ And then there’s the lace – a Vuitton constant. ‘It’s part of a woman’s life from beginning to end,’ says de Libran. ‘It’s sexy, it’s virginal. We use it in every possible way, printed, flocked, in tweed and as itself, of course.’ In the slightly singular world of fashion, the designer named on the label tends to take all the credit.

Believe it or not, designer label Louis Vuitton destroys their unsold bags in order to keep their prices high, according to this collection of unusual trivia. Did you know that the offspring of two pairs of identical twins are genetic siblings? Or that cats’ kidneys are so efficient they can survive drinking seawater? Check out the gallery below for other unusual internet trivia. Click on thumbnails for larger image

Vuitton Tones Down for Russian Tastes Aside From Prices

Chimborazo. Louis Vuitton is trying to take the slow road back to its dominance as a luxury retail brand, riding the back of a llama-like animal and a $2.56 billion acquisition. As I noted recently, the French vendor of elite handbags, clothing, jewelry and champagne has lost some of its shine. While it is still the worlds number one luxury brand, it has given up luster to rivals like Prada and Gucci. Luster is everything in the allure of the luxury world, so LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (the full name-dropping moniker of the company) is doing what it can to polish up. Its latest move: Its spending $2.56 billion to acquire 80 percent of Loro Piana, an exclusive Italian textile firm and clothier that hails from near Lake Como, a place where George Clooney hangs Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags out. Loro Piana represents the opposite of the fast fashion trend epitomized by the likes of Zara and H&M. As BloombergBusinessweek noted , you could call it slow fashion. It deals in materials like vicuna wool, which comes from a South American llama cousin that yields the fine fibers only every two or three years – hardly the in-today out-tomorrow vision of a Zara shop.

Louis Vuitton burns all unsold bags each year plus other unusual facts

Councillor shot dead in Abra MANILA: A councillor was killed and robbed after he bought cattle in Abra province, police said yesterday. Police identified the victim as Rogelio Talingdan, 52, a businessman of Sitio Naguilian, Brgy San Gregorio, Lapaz, Abra. Investigation showed that a gunman approached and shot the victim twice on the head after he negotiated to buy cattle at Brgy Talogtog, Dolores last July 4 at the porch of the cattle market office. The assailant grabbed the victims jacket which reportedly contained P500,000 then ran toward Brgy Kimmalaba also in Dolores, police said. Investigators recovered from the scene two slugs of still unknown gun calibre.

Louis Vuitton’s “slow” road back to prestige

Sales of Gazinskayas collections of 1,500-euro ($1,980) dresses have doubled in the past year as shoppers seek something different, said the 24-year-old designer. With 25 outlets, including in Paris, New York and Hong Kong, Gazinskaya says shes seeking investors to fund more expansion. There are no limits really, she said by phone from Venice, Italy, where she was hanging out at the Biennale art exhibition. God gave me talent. Discretion wasnt always fashionable among Russians. Animal print bras, gaudy frocks and logoed luggage were de rigueur in 1990s as the wealthy few sought to relive pre-1917 revolution excesses, according to Alla Verber, fashion director at Tsum department store in Moscow.


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